Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

healthy living - tips for getting fit

People and also some friends are asking me what I do to stay fit and what my eating habits are. Well.. I decided to put together some of my top tips for getting fit! And what's a better time to get fit then right after the holiday's? enjoy!

1.) Lose the soda and drink water! Honestly, water is your answer to everything and your body craves it. It is important to stay hydrated. The most of the time I trink tea in a good qualitiy and sugarfree.

2.) Obviously, we are going to eat bread at some point but try to cut out carbs as much as you can! for example, when I get a sandwich I usually take off the top layer of bread so I only eat the bottom bit. Try to resist the bread roll basket before your meal comes.. Get a veggie burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.

3.) Late night eating is an awful habit and one you need to kick! Your food can't properly digest if you eat too late. I usually do dinner around 7 pm since I go to bed around 2 or 3..

4.) Try a juice cleanse. Even if you just do it for a day. It's good to rid your body of all the nasty toxins we put in it, especially after the holidays. I love getting a fresh pressed juice for lunch or sometimes too ;) They're filling and very nutritious.

5.) As you know, dairy is one of the worst things for you! And trust me, if anyone loves dairy it's me! Ha! Try to do as many soy substitutes as you can.. soy milk tastes amazing, especially vanilla. If you're not drinking any soy, then try some lactose-free. It tastes much sweeter.

6.) It's always good to burn a few extra calories, especially if you're doing something that you love! Use those late nights out as a time to work it and burn a few. Every time I go out I try to dance as much as possible. You'll be having fun but it's still a workout.. ha ha
But I also do workout. Mostly I go two times the week swimming. Find something you like!

7.) As you know, alcohol is FULL of calories and sugar!!! Drinking a bunch of empty calories eventually adds up and it's not pretty.  Try to cut out as much alcohol as possible and when you do drink go for something like vodka instead of whiskey Whiskey is full of sugar and not what you need to be putting in your body.

8.) Eat your greens. Weather it's a yummy salad, some grilled veggies or kale chips. It's always good to get some sort of green in everyday. My faves are avocado and kohlrabi.. I eat ones per day ♥

9.) Sleep is more important as you think. Our body needs a good 8 hours to feel fully charged and ready for the day If your body is rundown, it's hard for it to operate to it's full potential.

10.) Be conscious of your portion size. When you eat out they tend to give you way larger portions than you actually need. I usually divide my portion size in half when I go out to eat and then put the rest aside to take togo.

11.) I am a big fan of sushi.. It's low in calories and tastes amazing. Obviously, if you're getting lots of tempura or rolls covered in spicy mayo it isn't the healthiest. Try to go for sashimi or rolls with brown rice. perfect.

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